If you want to build an aquarium that really stands out, you should be ready to learn from the experts. Of course, beginners always struggle to get things done right. And that’s okay. The best thing to remember is there are many tips that can help you become better in Aquascaping.

The first advise many beginners receive from experts liken Wet Web Media is to pay more attention to simplicity, while thinking outside the box.

Designing an Aquarium that Stands Out

Natural habitats tend to be much less diverse, per square foot, than fish tanks. In nature, only a single type of rock will be seen, surrounded perhaps by a bit of mud or sand. It is very improbable that slate, limestone, lava rock, and granite will all be found in the same place. As far as plants go, it is entirely normal for a single species to dominate the entire area. In other words, the most realistic aquarium will use only one type of rock and one type of plant. This works in the aquarists favor: buying plants and rocks in bulk is usually cheaper.

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Many people are always afraid to sue fake plants in their aquarium. But doing so can make your project stand out from the crowd.

Studies by Current USA show that fakes aren’t easy to distinguish from real plants. In fact, some of them look even healthier than usual plants.

Using Fake Plants in Aquarium

Don’t be afraid to use fake plants purchased from a craft store. Silk plants work great! They are nearly indistinguishable from live plants, and sometimes look even better. Use realistic looking plants. Sticking to nature’s green hues will add a more polished and overall healthy look to your tank. Don’t use anything that may break down in water. The items sold in pet stores and aquarium accessory stores are designed be submerged for long periods of time and will not deteriorate or break down, which can cause harmful toxins or chemicals to be released. (How about…”Don’t use anything that may break down in water like preserved or artificial moss type plants which will break down and may cause harmful toxins or chemicals to be released.”)

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At first, using fake plants may seem not to be realistic. Sometimes it won’t sound like a great idea. But using fake plants can make your aquarium look great. Of course, making an aquarium to stand out is the whole point of the project. And using fake plants is a great way to do that.

If your project must stand out, you will need to have a sturdy foundation. Fish Lore teaches that without a proper foundation, your project can be a big mess.

Aquarium Must Have a Strong Foundation

All your Hardscape (Rocks, driftwood) needs a sturdy foundation, or else… Imagine coming home one day to find your 5G a mess of broken glass and Little Jimmy, the Siamese Fighter you invested the last 2 months to now dead and gone, half-dried up in a pool of soggy carpet. The culprit? Not balancing hardscape. We do this by pouring a layer of substrate on the glass bottom of the tank, or using egg crate supports, foam, other rocks, then by setting the stone or wood and moving more substrate around it.

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Many beginners don’t take the foundation of the material they use seriously. But it is important to keep in mind how serious the foundation of an aquarium is. Just like you can’t build a house without a foundation, you can’t design an aquarium that stands out if it does not have a strong foundation.

Final Thoughts

These are just a couple of aquascaping tips for a planted aquarium. And they play an important role in bringing out the real beauty of your project. If you are really into something that stands out, you should take the points we’ve noted in this article seriously.