There might be quite a lot to consider when you are looking forward to add some plants to your fish tank. But complicated rules and considerations about Aquascaping design patterns and plants should not scare you. There are varieties of low maintenance weeds available in the market that you can choose from. Below are some of the best aquascaping plants you can use this year.

According to Aquascape Addiction, java moss is the most common plant you will see in almost all aquariums. It grows fast just like weeds do.

Java Moss

You’ll see later that there are some popular plants in this list. Well, this is the most popular freshwater aquarium plant you’ll find in the hobby. It’s almost impossible to completely kill with even the most basic of maintenance, and—when done correctly—still makes for incredibly beautiful aquariums. This winning combination is what makes this plant so popular. It’s also perfectly suitable for breeding fish and shrimp—its microscopic bacterial life provides a great supplementary food source for fry.

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The plant can also do well in medium lighting conditions.It is usually trimmed earlier to maintain its carpet like appearance. The plant will have to be anchored to prevent it from floating.

Kobi Pets gives this plant the win when it comes to sheer versatility. Most of the time as it serves its purposes you may use it the way you want.

American Water Fern

You can expect it to reach a maximum of 22 inches in height and around 8 inches in width under optimal lighting and CO2 conditions.

Planting is quite peculiar in a sense that you can’t just put it in soil and wait for it to grow. Instead, you must attach it to something – usually a piece of wood or a rock. The best way to attach it is to use cotton threads because they are soft and dissolve over time without polluting the sensitive environment.

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Most people use it for background purposes. But it would be best if it were a mid-ground barrier. Overall, in the end of it all it comes to your own preferences.

The Aquarium Guide found out that Dwarf Hairgrass is a carpeting plant for freshwater aquariums. With this type of plant the aquariums possibilities are endless. Contracting with dark sand soil and a being nest to stones make the plant appear beautiful. The plant that you can grow very easily thus, you will not have to trim it every time.

Dwarf Hairgrass

Appearance: Small to medium sized strands of what would appear to be grass. Carpets easily in most environments. Water Preferences: Tolerates most environments. Grows best in water that’s 72-78 degrees Farenheight. Lighting Preferences: Grows best in bright lighting conditions

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You will also have to provide some basic needs for plants to flourish. Some of these are CO2, light and nutrients. They are very important to plants as they grow in the aquarium. Having the three aspects right guarantees you a great plant growth in your aquarium. 


While most plants aren’t as sensitive as fish when it comes to water parameters, you’ll still need to provide some basic needs for plants to flourish. This is true of all plants, but when you’re growing live plants in an aquarium, it’s even more important.