The aquarium industry is taking a completely new turn this week, with so many interesting stories to share with the whole world. From Georgia to Tacoma to Kansa City, here is what you need to know about the developing news on professional aquascaping this week.

Back in 2009, as shown on saporta report, Georgia Aquarium received financial support from Atlanta. As of September 10, 2018, report shows how the aquarium soared in revenue.

Georgia Aquarium’s financial support from Atlanta in 2009 led to soaring revenues

After Atlanta provided the Georgia Aquarium with $80 million in financing at favorable terms in 2009 to build a dolphin exhibit, the aquarium’s revenues soared by 23 percent, compared to the year before the exhibit opened. The return on the city’s latest financial support for the aquarium – up to $7.5 million – remains to be determined.

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It is expected that the aquarium will continue to grow and generate revenue. And the more it expands the more likely the revenue will shoot.

Tacoma Aquarium already opened to the public. And according to Alan Berner on Seattle Times, the aquarium is making new waves.

New Tacoma aquarium makes waves

The new Pacific Seas Aquarium at Tacoma’s Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is packed with plenty of wow, as could be seen on opening day. The Pacific Seas Aquarium at Tacoma’s Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium opened to the public on Friday.

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Apparently, this artificial marine construction is open to the public, which means if you haven’t been here and you are a fan of sea life, you should see this.

As Matt Campbell reports on the Kansas City, the council members are working towards raising $75 million to build an aquarium at the zoo.

Kansas City council members want to help build a $75 million aquarium at the zoo

“We’re looking at two ocean biomes, warmer water and colder water,” zoo director Randy Wisthoff said Tuesday. “We’ve got a number of species we’d like to bring in, a range of animals from sharks all the way to sea horses and jelly fish. We would take a look at sea otters and some things you don’t find in a lot of aquariums.”

Wisthoff said the zoo has identified a little more than $20 million in potential private funding.

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Should the project run smoothly, this aquarium will open its doors to the public for viewing comes the year 2021.


More operators are planning new aquascaping projects this week, with the goal of creating an attractive and safe environment for the marine life. If you would like to learn more about aquascaping design, do not hesitate to check out our home page.