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The benefits of Aquascaping Plants

What first comes to your mind when you look at an aquarium? For most people, the size and design of the tank isn’t often the first thing that grabs attention. Instead, it’s the plants and animals in the water. Plants aren’t just decorations that make an aquatic...

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Aquascaping Like a Pro: Handy Tips for Beginners

Up until now, you have been taught that Aquascaping is an art that, if perfected, can replicate the natural world exactly as it is. Moreover, an aquarium with a correct set up always makes a surrounding look great. But Aquascaping like a pro isn’t always a walk in the...

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The Dos and Don’ts of Aquascaping

Aquascaping is an art that’s limited only to your thoughts and imagination. Besides using existing styles to create an aquarium for home, you can also improve the design patterns that are already out there. As you continue to embrace the art of Aquascaping, it is...

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