Will Bronson Aquarium Eventually Become a Reality?

Will Bronson Aquarium Eventually Become a Reality?

It’s a fact. It takes time to set up an aquarium. That’s because there is a lot to creating an artificial marine life than just water and tanks. This can’t be truer for the Branson aquarium, a project which might finally become a reality or otherwise.

A report published on Ozark First by Frances Lin shows that the proposal to start this project is still in the discussion stage.

Members of the Public Comment on the “Aquarium at the Boardwalk” Project in Branson

“We are just there to listen to their comments, and then the board of alderman will take under recommendation what the comments from the community are when they go to make their decisions next week,” said Karen Best, mayor of the city of Branson.

Best said she will not be voting on this TIF project. “Technically, by law, I can vote, and I can either support or not support it, but I would rather just remain neutral,” Best explained.

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The board hasn’t casted a vote on the issue. As it stands, all the board is interested in is what the public has to say about the proposed aquarium project.

According to KY3, the project will require up to $7 Million in funding if the proposal to turn Grand Palace Theatre into an aquarium gets an approval.

Discussions about proposed aquarium in Branson continue

The developers of the Aquarium at the Boardwalk say they need about $7 million in Tax Increment Financing, or TIF. It’s a special kind of funding that basically takes tax generated on the attraction to pay for the project.

The TIF Comission has already recommended the TIF request for approval, but the Board of Aldermen will have the final say. The developers, who also own several other Branson attractions including the Hollywood Wax Museum, are asking the public to pay for less than 14 percent of only phase one of the project.

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At the moment, there is still a lot of controversies on whether this is even the right move to take in the first place.

A report published on Bloo Loop shows that the project will happen in phases, and each will require proper funding.

Developers have revealed more of their plans for the Branson Aquarium on the site of the Grand Palace in Branson, Missouri.

The website of the project reveals further details planned for the aquarium, if it is approved. It will offer up-close views of  fish, seahorses, jellyfish, octopi, eels, and sharks. There will be chances to touch rays and sharks, as well as a photo opportunity wearing a high-tech diving suit, or inside a fish bowl. Guests wil also be able to slide through a real tank.

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If voted for, Kuvera Partners, who bought the theater about four years ago, will be responsible for the construction of the aquarium.


If the proposed aquarium gets an approval from the board, the construction of the project will be set to start in the year 2020.


Another Dolphin Dies in the Arizona Aquarium

Another Dolphin Dies in the Arizona Aquarium

The recent death of a dolphin at the Arizona Aquarium setup is an event that the management hasn’t been able to explain yet. The report of the death came on Thursday evening and activists aren’t happy with the death of the animal.

A report by Catherine Holland from the AZ Family shows the dolphin, which goes by the name Kai, died after a short illness.

Another dolphin dies at Dolphinaris Arizona, 4th death in less than 2 years

“Immediately after Kai started showing signs of health decline two weeks ago our team made every effort to save his life, including bloodwork testing, ultrasounds, x-rays, and engaging external specialists and submitting diagnostic samples to outside university veterinary laboratories,” Christian Schaeffer, the general manager at Dolphinaris Arizona, said in a statement sent to media outlets. “Kai initially seemed to be responding, but his health suddenly declined last night around 11:30 p.m.

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The manager of the aquariums said that they tried to save Kai’s life, but unfortunately their efforts did not bear any fruits.

According to a report written for NY Pots by Alexandra Klausner, Kai is the fourth dolphin to lose its life at the Arizona Aquarium.

Fourth dolphin dies at Dolphinaris Arizona after struggling to breathe

A bottlenose dolphin died at an Arizona marine park on Thursday, making him the fourth dolphin to die there in less than two years.

Employees at Dolphinaris Arizona in Scottsdale euthanized 22-year-old Kai on Thursday morning after the dolphin exhibited signs of illness for about two weeks, ABC 15 reported. Kai had been having trouble breathing, swimming and eating, Dolphinaris said. The park has yet to announce Kai’s cause of death.

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The report further shows that this is the fourth death that has been quite difficult to explain, especially because they all happened in less than two years.

Kashmira Gander from News Week tried finding out the exact cause of the death of the dolphins from the management to enlighten the public on the same.


Christian Schaeffer, the general manager of the Dolphinaris , acknowledged in a statement seen by ABC15 that the death of four dolphins in the last year and a half is “abnormal.” He described the latest loss as “devastating.”

“We will be taking proactive measures to increase our collaborative efforts to further ensure our dolphins’ well-being and high quality of life,” he said. Independent experts have been tasked with investigating the deaths, according to Schaeffer.

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The manager of the aquarium described the deaths of the dolphins as abnormal, devastating, and difficult to explain.


Activists now want the aquarium shut down, because the management hasn’t given an explanation as to why four dolphins have lost their lives in such a short time.


Tennessee Aquarium to Hit the 25th Million Guests Milestone During its Holiday

Tennessee Aquarium to Hit the 25th Million Guests Milestone During its Holiday

Tennessee Aquarium is a perfect explanation of what an artificial setup of a marine life should be like. As an education and entertainment center, the aquarium has enabled hundreds of thousands of persons to create a unique connection between themselves and the marine life.

According to Thom Benson, an outdoor author at Chattanoogan, Tennessee Aquarium has hosted millions of guests since the start.

Tennessee Aquarium Holiday Celebration To Coincide With Arrival Of 25 Millionth Guest

As host to millions of guests, the Tennessee Aquarium and its many animal ambassadors have created millions of photo opportunities and forged millions of cherished memories over the years.

With the imminent arrival of the holidays, the Aquarium is thankful for the opportunity to have touched — and to continue to touch — so many lives. In the coming weeks, however, several guests’ visits will be extra-memorable as the Aquarium celebrates hosting 25 million visitors since opening in 1992.

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During these visits, people have been able to create special memories of this place, making Tennessee Aquarium one of the most popular in the world.

According to WRCB TV, the aquarium expects to host its 25th million visitors in its upcoming holiday celebration.

A magical milestone for the Tennessee Aquarium

With the imminent arrival of the holidays, the Aquarium is thankful for the opportunity to have touched — and to continue to touch — so many lives. In the coming weeks, however, several guests’ visits will be extra-memorable as the Aquarium celebrates hosting 25 million visitors since opening in 1992.

During the preceding week, a “prize patrol” will award six randomly selected guests with gift shop certificates, vouchers for a Chattanooga hotel stay and tickets for a return visit to the Aquarium.

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The management of the aquarium has set aside the 4-day holiday for Thanksgiving. The holiday season starts Thursday, November 22 through Sunday, November 25.

According to Chattanooga Pulse the aquarium is planning to host day animal programs during the 4-day holiday season.

Daily animal programs

During Holidays Under the Peaks, educators will lead daily special programs that offer insights into animals like romping River Otters, toad-ly awesome amphibians and the Bearded Dragon, a lizard so fast it could be a walk-on for Santa’s sleigh team.

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The purpose of the program will be to give people more insight about the animals that are in the Tennessee Aquarium.


Now, if you have ever wanted to pay a visit to the Tennessee Aquarium, November 22, 2018, through November 25, 2018, would be a very good time to do just that.

Roundhouse Aquarium in Manhattan Beach Has Been Reopened

Roundhouse Aquarium in Manhattan Beach Has Been Reopened

If you live around Manhattan Beach and you love the artificial marine life, then you must have heard of, or know, the Roundhouse Aquarium. Actually, the aquarium had been closed for some time for renovation. Today, however, the aquarium has been reopened to the public.

According to a report published on KTLA, the aquarium, which had been closed for a very long time is finally reopened to the public.

Newly Renovated Aquarium Reopens in Manhattan Beach

The Roundhouse Aquarium on the Manhattan Beach Pier celebrated its reopening Monday after undergoing $4 million worth of renovations. Steve Kuzj reports for the KTLA 5 News at 6 on Nov. 5, 2018.

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According to the video report, the renovation cost a lot of money and definitely took a very long time to complete.

According to a post published by Kristen Farmer on the Daily Breeze the renovation would not have been successful without the partnership between Oceanographic Teaching Stations and the Harrison Greenberg Foundation.

Partnership to success

The Roundhouse beautification project represents one of the largest public-private partnerships in Manhattan Beach history – a collaboration between the city, Oceanographic Teaching Stations and the Harrison Greenberg Foundation. The renovations took nearly a year to complete and included $2 million in infrastructure upgrades on behalf of Manhattan Beach municipality, such as replacing water, sewer and fire suppression lines.

“It was a big job to do in a very short time,” said Manhattan Beach Mayor Steve Napolitano at the opening ceremony. “And it turned out fantastic.”

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The new aquarium will continue to serve as an Oceanographic Teaching Station education facility, which has already successfully drawn the attention of many students.

The report published on TBR News shows that the aquarium is really improved. And now it has more than 70 unique animal species.

Refreshing a community gem

The refurbished iconic aquarium at the foot of the Manhattan Beach pier made its official debut during an emotional opening ceremony Nov. 5. The fresh design features 14 oceanic tanks, two fresh water tanks, a wrap-around touch tank and 75 species of marine life.

Exhibits include a sea jellies tank, shark tank and additional marine life such as moray eels, seahorses and an octopus. The new Roundhouse also features an unhindered view of the horizon. “For the first time in 100 years, you can look down the pier west and see the largest aquarium in the world – the Pacific Ocean,” Michael Greenberg said of the new building at its opening ceremony.

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The renovation project cost about $4 Million and took more than a year to complete and reopen to the public.


If you have always wanted to pay a visit to one of the most beautiful scenes, where you can even enjoy the beauty of the artificial marine life, then you should consider visiting the Roundhouse Aquarium in the Manhattan Beach.

Osaka Plump Seal, Central Coast Joan and DCCC Open Aquarium

Osaka Plump Seal, Central Coast Joan and DCCC Open Aquarium

There is a lot going on in the aquarium setup environment. It seems like every aquarium out there is working hard to become the best. And the already popular ones are busy making their aquariums better for the outside world. To bring you up to speed, here is what has been happening in the world of artificial marine life.

A report posted on Inquirer shows that a female seal that’s drawing visitors’ attention at Osaka Aquarium.

LOOK: Plump seal at Osaka aquarium may steal your heart

A female ringed seal called Yuki at Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan in Osaka is drawing visitors’ attention with her unusually round figure.

Nevertheless, she looks especially plump because her head is rather small and she tends to tuck it in while sleeping, the aquarium said. The number of visitors to the aquarium has increased since some visitors posted photos of the seal on their Twitter accounts in late September.

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According to the report, the name of the female seal is Yuki. It is about 10 years old and about a meter long.

According to a report compiled by The Dispatch, the DCCC aquarium plans to open its doors to the public this weekend.

DCCC hosting Open Aquarium Days starting today

Each Open Aquarium Day will feature animal encounters, zoo keeper talks by zoo and aquarium science students, animal feedings every 20 minutes and family activities.

Some dates will include additional activities.

The Zoo and Aquarium Science Club will host trunk-or-treat 6-7 p.m. Friday following the Open Aquarium event. Attendees are encouraged to dress in costume and bring a bag of candy. The club will host a haunted trail 7-10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for kids 12 and under.

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The main objective is to allow the public to interact with aquatic life and animal in the DCCC (Division County Community College) aquarium.

Another report published on KSBBY by reporter Aja Goare reveals that Central Coast Aquarium has released Joan, a Giant Pacific Octopus, back to the Pacific Ocean.

Central Coast Aquarium releases “Joan” the octopus back into Pacific Ocean

A year after she came to the Central Coast Aquarium in Avila Beach, “Joan” the Octopus is back home in the Pacific Ocean. Joan, a Giant Pacific Octopus, was donated to the aquarium last year after she was accidentally caught by a fisherman.

“They’re the largest species of octopus,” Central Coast Aquarium Programs Dir. Travis Norton said. “They can get up to 16 feet long and weigh 100 lbs, so she’s very small for a Giant Pacific Octopus. We think she’s about 1 year old.”

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According to Central Coast aquarium, Joan had to be taken back to the Pacific Ocean because that is where she belongs.


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