Aquascaping Reef Tank Ideas for 2018

Aquascaping Reef Tank Ideas for 2018

Aquascaping design is perhaps the most challenging art for every beginner. You have to think outside the box, invest in the best design, and balance resources properly. If you are new to this, the whole concept can be downright overwhelming. Here are some cool ideas for 2018 to help you with your reef tank.

Many beginners go straight to designing their reef tanks. This is wrong, according to us and according to Salt Water Aquarium Advise. First, have a design in mind, and then draw it.

Drawing Comes First

Draw and build before you install. You are creating art, you need to at least draw what you want to scale. Even better is to build it: use a cardboard sheet the same dimensions as your tank base, then mark it out with a grid pattern, construct it and see how it looks in 3D. Before you start building, this will help refine your ideas and see if you concept really works.

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The advantage of creating a blueprint is you can always make changes to the design before the implementation stage. This technique can save you time, money, as well as resources.

According to Salt Water Smart, the best reef tank is the one designed with livestock in mind. Do not create a tank before deciding what you want to put in.

Design with Animals in Mind

The first thing to consider as you develop your aquascape is the type of livestock you plan to keep. Fish, for instance, can have very different aquascaping needs depending on the species. Some, including many tangs, need ample open swimming space, whereas others, such as the various clownfishes, are more site-attached and therefore demand more structure than swimming space.

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When you design with livestock in mind, you already have the full idea of what you want the tank to look like. Therefore, it is easy to work around the project.

The other thing you want to do is to make sure there is a balance in your reef tank. According to Reef Bum, the balance helps to maximize the value of the project.

Balance Your Reef Tank

I finally “got it” with my next reef, a 225 gallon tank. I used approximately 100 lbs of live rock and created two islands that would have plenty of room for corals to grow. To maximize flow in the back I created a large channel between the rock islands and the back panel of the tank

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A well balanced reef tank is not only friendly to the livestock you intend to put in the tank, but also good-looking to the outside world.


These ideas may be a little too complicated to implement at first. But they should be easy to get your head around nonetheless.