What is Aquascaping?

What is Aquascaping?

Aquascaping is a form of art that is basically combining materials like rocks, driftwood, underwater plants, and stones then arranging them artistically in an aquarium. The result of this artistry is a beautiful landscape encased in a fish tank that is truly a sight to behold. The arrangement you will see is not the typical designs you will see in a store. It is usually a unique, customized design that is an expression of art by its designer.

Think of the fish tank as the designer’s canvas. The bigger the tank the better it will be because there will be more space to create a wonderful underwater landscape. The really awesome Aquascapes usually depict a scene from the bottom of the sea or the terrain at the side of a cliff. If done carefully, the product can be the centrepiece of your living room. There are Aquascapes you will find in the lobby of a hotel or in shopping malls. These underwater displays provide a relaxing vibe to the space. Not only is it pleasing to look at, but it also completes the aesthetic look of the given area.


There are creative locations you can position your Aquascape right inside your home. You can place it in the center of your foyer or living room. You can position it strategically in a dull corner of your dining area or bedroom. Aquascapes liven up the scenery and definitely makes it a great conversation piece. The illumination from the tank also creates a soothing, romantic vibe that calms the soul.

Underwater Gardening

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Some people would describe Aquascaping as a form of underwater gardening. It is true in a sense because you will have to use certain underwater plants to create the effect that you want to make. This will require some research and experimentation. Sometimes, you can come up with a breath-taking seascape by just using 2 or 3 species of exotic plants that are arranged either in a straight line or shaped to form a letter U or a triangle. You have to remember that these plants are alive so you have to consider how to position them strategically among the rocks and sand without compromising the quality of their growth. Like other plants that grow on soil, they also need nourishment. These plants need proper lighting and water fertilizer to flourish. There are plants that need to be trimmed from time to time for their branches to grow in the right direction according to your design.

Lighting Considerations

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Another element in Aquascaping that you should not overlook is proper lighting. Installing the right amount of lighting fixtures can truly add the “wow” factor to your seascape. It should illuminate the right places in your water tank, not just to enhance the features you’d like to draw attention to but to also enrich the growth of your foliage. The effect of lighting is immense. It creates the mood that you want in your seascape. If you are aiming for a look that depicts how the seabed looks like in the early evening, then you will need to position the lights correctly to create shadow effects to your scenery.

Engaging in this artwork is not easy as it seems. But by putting your time and effort into it, a little patience and creativity, you will come up with a unique design that is truly amazing.