The benefits of Aquascaping Plants

The benefits of Aquascaping Plants

What first comes to your mind when you look at an aquarium? For most people, the size and design of the tank isn’t often the first thing that grabs attention. Instead, it’s the plants and animals in the water. Plants aren’t just decorations that make an aquatic environment exotic. And if you have been treating them that way then there is one more thing that you have forgotten: the benefits.

An article published on Aquarium Info shows that plants aren’t just used to balance the water environment in the sense of putting them together with plants and other objects. They also help in reducing algae.

Plants Can Help Reduce Algae in Aquarium

Growth of algae in the aquarium can be both irritating and relentless. Aquatic plants have the benefit of competing with the algae for key nutrients. These nutrients (Iron, Nitrates, Potassium & Trace Elements) are key to all plant growth in the aquarium. By adding plants that consume these nutrients from the water column it is possible for the plants to starve the algae.

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We know for a fact that algae is an unwanted plant. And that means we have no reason to let them thrive in the aquarium tank. The best way to control the algae is to ensure the tank has plants.

An aquarium with fish but without plant isn’t quite balanced. Home Aquaria states that animals like fish are very territorial, which means they are highly likely to do well in areas that have aquatic plants. 

Aquatic Plants Create Home for Water Animals

Sometimes certain species of fish can be very territorial. Plants allow different species of livestock to coexist by providing cover and protection. Some types of fish even breed and lay eggs on the leaves of the plants. With the presence of plants, the ratio of number of fish per gallon is greatly increased.

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If you are wondering whether to include fish-friendly plants in the tank, this would be the best time to start doing so.

The Aquarium Guide gives another good reason why Aquascaping plants are important. According to the author, the plants make a great source of food for the fish in your aquarium. By including them, your fish can have food to eat in the event that you have forgotten to feed them.

Plants Are Additional Source of Food

Do not worry; your fish will not devour your real plants in a few weeks. You feed them every day and they seem happy with this,but what if you forget to feed them for a few days? This situation occurs occasionally and real plants can be their salvation.

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Of course, the fish won’t consume all the plants. And most of the time they won’t even be interested. But since they are omnivores, they will need to eat plants once in a while, a good reason to have plants in your aquarium.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, natural plants have many health advantages. They are not like plastic plants. Plastic plants aren’t a good source of food for fish, they don’t create a good animal environment either. With real aquatic plants, you create a real natural environment.

The Most Common Aquascaping Mistakes Aquarists Make

The Most Common Aquascaping Mistakes Aquarists Make

Aquascaping is fun, right? It’s even more interesting if you can create something a lot more similar to Takashi Amano’s projects; or, perhaps, something even better. Yet, in the process of aquarium design, mistakes are bound to happen. And this can only mean one thing: your project is highly likely to break down. So, what are some of the most common Aquascaping mistakes that many people make? Let’s have a look:

One of the things aquarists are always enthusiastic about is the overpopulation of aquariums. It feels great to see your tank full of green plants (natural or otherwise), and fish moving thereabout. But Richard YK Goh advises against this.

Mistake #1: Overcrowding the Aquarium

When you set up a new aquarium, introduce only a few fish between several weeks or even between months if possible. Select the smallest fish possible and build a community around small school of fish and perhaps one or two showcase fish of your choice and modest group of bottom cleaners such as algae eating fish.

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You do not want to overpopulate your tank, to be honest. At the end of the day, you want to maintain the quality of water in the aquarium. And, you want to make your tank look its best; not overcrowded.

Many beginners to Aquascaping fail to put the wrong plants in their tanks. As Aquascaper puts it, they buy the wrong plants. That means buying plants without really evaluating them and expecting them to do well in the tank.

Mistake #2: Going After Any Plant

As a beginner, Aquascaper sometimes we only buy plants that look nice without regard for plants like what we buy, the leaves are red or pink and others. Even we forget to pay attention to the needs of just about any plant, whether requiring low light, medium light or even high light. We also must not pay attention to whether the plants need CO2 injection or not.

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There is no such thing as any plant can do. If you include the wrong plants, the whole damn thing will crumble. So, do your research first, and then make sure you pick the right plants depending on your findings.

Many beginners have been fooled to believe that the light sold with an aquarium is all that’s required.  This is what Aquatic Eden assumes to be a fat lie. And it’s something you want to avoid, to say the least.

Mistake #3: Light Sold with Aquarium is Sufficient

The most critical element needed to grow live plants is light. Plants need light to photosynthesize, and without it, they may last a few days or a few weeks on their energy reserves, but eventually they will die. Many people are also mislead by bad advice into believing that the light that is sold with aquariums is adequate. The standard lighting that comes with an aquarium will typically only grow Java Moss and maybe Java Ferns and very poorly at that. If you like ugly, lanky, unhealthy plants go ahead and try it.

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The problem is if you depend on the light sold with an aquarium, your plants will last a few days, most likely a couple of weeks, and then die.

Final Thoughts

Beginners aren’t the only ones susceptible to making these mistakes. Even experience Aquarists break the rules of the game sometimes and play by their own until they realize it is too late. Trust me; you do not want to make the mistakes we’ve mentioned here. They aren’t just silly; they are a total waste of time, too.

Top 5 Aquarium Tanks

Top 5 Aquarium Tanks

If you are fond of fishes and fancy eye-catching seascape, having an aquarium in your space is just what you need. It could be relaxing to watch fish and underwater fauna perfectly arranged together in an ideal fish tank that serves both as a focal point in your room.

Finding the right aquarium in terms of size and function may be daunting as there are many styles to choose from. The list below are the top selling aquariums in the market today and hopefully will help you narrow down your search for the best fish tank for your home or office.

Top 5 Aquarium Tanks

Having the right tank to suit your aquascaping aquarium needs is crucial. The size you buy really depends on what your overall goal is. We have compiled a list of the best aquarium tanks below. We take into consideration popularity, customer feedback and application, enjoy!

Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

The Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit 5-gallon fish tank has an advanced 3-stage hidden back panel filtration with an adjustable flow filter pump. It has bright LED lights in white and blue with daylight and moonlight settings. There is a switch that allows you to toggle between off, white and blue, and blue light only. It is designed with a hinged light and a sliding glass canopy for your easy access into the tank.

The dimensions are 16.8 inches in height, 11.8 inches in length and 11.8 inches wide. This curved glass aquarium is an ideal home for your pet fish and to present your creative seascapes.

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Tetra 29095 Cube Aquarium Kit, 3-Gallon

The Tetra 29095 Cube Aquarium Kit, 3-Gallon, cube-shaped aquarium kit is perfect as your first aquarium to be placed in dormitories, kitchens, classrooms and work space. The 3-gallon size allows it to fit anywhere and is attractive enough to be a focal point of any room. The clear, sleek panels of the tank provide an exciting view of the underwater seascapes that you can create on your own.

It comes with a Tetra® 3i filter to keep your fish habitat clean and viable. It also has a LED light feature and an easy access feeding hole. The aquarium and its cover are made of durable clear plastic that is shatterproof and crack-resistant.

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SeaClear 50 gal Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

The SeaClear 50 gal Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set has an extensive warranty for the durability of the water tank’s virtually invisible seams. The tanks side panels are made of tough acrylic that claims to be clearer than other glass fish tanks. It is 17 times more durable than glass and weighs half its weight. This makes the tank safe around pets and children. It is also safe to use for salt and freshwater fish and fauna.

The kit comes with a combination of aquarium, reflector and 24-inch electric light feature. This aquarium set combo helps in enhancing your underwater scenery making your aquatic dreams a reality.

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Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium, 1.1-Gallon

This stylish half-moon tank measures 1.1 gallons and its small size is perfect to fit on the desktop or any room in your house. Included with the Tetra Half Moon Betta Aquarium tank is a LED light that you can position above or below the tank. It has 4 white lights with an on / off switch. The lights work using 3 AA batteries or by using a micro USB cable.  

The kit doesn’t come with the ornamental decorations though but you can create your own seascapes because the inner space of the tank is wide. It measures 4.875 inches D by 9.5 inches width and 9.875 inches height.

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Fluval SPEC Desktop Glass Aquarium, 2 gallon

The Fluval SPEC Desktop Glass Aquarium 2-gallon fish tank has a moulded cover and circulates 40 gallons of water per hour with its Circulation pump with an output nozzle. Its glass is frosted to conceal the filtration components from your view on all sides of the aquarium. It has a 3 stage filtration chamber layered with coarse foam, biomax, and carbon.

The filter is fully-integrated at the back wall of the fish tank. It measures 7.25 inches in length, 9.25 inches in width and 10 inches tall. You get a 2-year warranty when you purchase this kit. It’s wonderful to use as a table top or a center piece of your room.

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It’s not hard to find the best aquarium even if there are lots of models to choose from. You just have to determine the ideal size that fits the space you have available. You must be wary about the quality and features the aquarium kit offers. You’ll have to consider if the features they offer is appropriate for the fish and fauna you will be placing in the tank. The prices for these units are very much affordable but you have to choose one that is durable and has all the features you need so that you can enjoy looking at them for a long time.

What is Aquascaping?

What is Aquascaping?

Aquascaping is a form of art that is basically combining materials like rocks, driftwood, underwater plants, and stones then arranging them artistically in an aquarium. The result of this artistry is a beautiful landscape encased in a fish tank that is truly a sight to behold. The arrangement you will see is not the typical designs you will see in a store. It is usually a unique, customized design that is an expression of art by its designer.

Think of the fish tank as the designer’s canvas. The bigger the tank the better it will be because there will be more space to create a wonderful underwater landscape. The really awesome Aquascapes usually depict a scene from the bottom of the sea or the terrain at the side of a cliff. If done carefully, the product can be the centrepiece of your living room. There are Aquascapes you will find in the lobby of a hotel or in shopping malls. These underwater displays provide a relaxing vibe to the space. Not only is it pleasing to look at, but it also completes the aesthetic look of the given area.


There are creative locations you can position your Aquascape right inside your home. You can place it in the center of your foyer or living room. You can position it strategically in a dull corner of your dining area or bedroom. Aquascapes liven up the scenery and definitely makes it a great conversation piece. The illumination from the tank also creates a soothing, romantic vibe that calms the soul.

Underwater Gardening

what is aquascaping


Some people would describe Aquascaping as a form of underwater gardening. It is true in a sense because you will have to use certain underwater plants to create the effect that you want to make. This will require some research and experimentation. Sometimes, you can come up with a breath-taking seascape by just using 2 or 3 species of exotic plants that are arranged either in a straight line or shaped to form a letter U or a triangle. You have to remember that these plants are alive so you have to consider how to position them strategically among the rocks and sand without compromising the quality of their growth. Like other plants that grow on soil, they also need nourishment. These plants need proper lighting and water fertilizer to flourish. There are plants that need to be trimmed from time to time for their branches to grow in the right direction according to your design.

Lighting Considerations

aquascaping lighting


Another element in Aquascaping that you should not overlook is proper lighting. Installing the right amount of lighting fixtures can truly add the “wow” factor to your seascape. It should illuminate the right places in your water tank, not just to enhance the features you’d like to draw attention to but to also enrich the growth of your foliage. The effect of lighting is immense. It creates the mood that you want in your seascape. If you are aiming for a look that depicts how the seabed looks like in the early evening, then you will need to position the lights correctly to create shadow effects to your scenery.

Engaging in this artwork is not easy as it seems. But by putting your time and effort into it, a little patience and creativity, you will come up with a unique design that is truly amazing.

What Do I Need to Know to Start Aquascaping?

What Do I Need to Know to Start Aquascaping?

First of all, Aquascaping is a form of art that involves two skills – gardening and architecture. You don’t need to be an expert in both of these fields but you do have to do some research to come up with a unique design of your own.

An Artwork

Aquascaping is an artwork of its own because it depicts landscapes done underwater. You can visualize a picturesque scene of the Amazon rainforest (only it is inside a giant aquarium). There is a lot of gardening techniques you will need to apply if you would like to achieve this kind of scenery. The architecture also takes a great part in its creation. You need to have the right measurements so that all the other elements like sand, stone, and driftwood will fit together in the tank with the plants without looking too crowded or imposing.

If you are just a beginner, it helps to look at pictures on the internet or watch videos about Aquascaping. It will give you an idea of how popular Aquascapes look like and how they are created. There are really no hard rules in aquascaping. The most beautiful Aquascapes are actually deviations from these so called rules and the masterpieces created are truly awesome. Use your resources to formulate your own design then start planning on its execution.

Now that you have a design in mind, you have to decide on the size and features of your tank. Your aquarium is your canvas. You have the option to include some fish swimming in your seascape or simply leave it as an underwater landscape exhibit. Measure your materials to make sure they fit.

Plants, Rocks, and Driftwood


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Have you figured out what plants to use in your presentation? Some plants really look pretty but would need a lot of trimming as they grow. Some plants grow roots extensively so they require an extra inch of space around them. All things have to be considered before you chose the plants, flowers, shrubs or even underwater grass that will be the foliage in your masterpiece. This is where you will have to do your homework and research before settling in on the plants to complete your artwork.

Rocks do not come in standard sizes and it is in their uniqueness that makes Aquascapes truly special. When arranged strategically, rocks create the solid foundation where you can anchor your plants or lighting fixtures. They can also serve as a fish cave that is strategically placed into the scenery.  Rocks also draw a lot of attention from the viewer. So you have to arrange and choose your rocks carefully to make sure you have them in as a perfect fit in your design.

Usually, when you incorporate driftwood into the Aquascape, it directs the flow of your design. A standard linear design would have the driftwood slightly inclined, pointing in one direction. If you would like to draw the attention upward, then your driftwood should be a standing. It is about positioning the key pieces that will create the total look of the design that you want. Do not be afraid to go beyond your borders. In some aquascapes, the rainforest underwater scene looks extremely real that the bushes are seen above water.