Will Bronson Aquarium Eventually Become a Reality?

Will Bronson Aquarium Eventually Become a Reality?

It’s a fact. It takes time to set up an aquarium. That’s because there is a lot to creating an artificial marine life than just water and tanks. This can’t be truer for the Branson aquarium, a project which might finally become a reality or otherwise.

A report published on Ozark First by Frances Lin shows that the proposal to start this project is still in the discussion stage.

Members of the Public Comment on the “Aquarium at the Boardwalk” Project in Branson

“We are just there to listen to their comments, and then the board of alderman will take under recommendation what the comments from the community are when they go to make their decisions next week,” said Karen Best, mayor of the city of Branson.

Best said she will not be voting on this TIF project. “Technically, by law, I can vote, and I can either support or not support it, but I would rather just remain neutral,” Best explained.

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The board hasn’t casted a vote on the issue. As it stands, all the board is interested in is what the public has to say about the proposed aquarium project.

According to KY3, the project will require up to $7 Million in funding if the proposal to turn Grand Palace Theatre into an aquarium gets an approval.

Discussions about proposed aquarium in Branson continue

The developers of the Aquarium at the Boardwalk say they need about $7 million in Tax Increment Financing, or TIF. It’s a special kind of funding that basically takes tax generated on the attraction to pay for the project.

The TIF Comission has already recommended the TIF request for approval, but the Board of Aldermen will have the final say. The developers, who also own several other Branson attractions including the Hollywood Wax Museum, are asking the public to pay for less than 14 percent of only phase one of the project.

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At the moment, there is still a lot of controversies on whether this is even the right move to take in the first place.

A report published on Bloo Loop shows that the project will happen in phases, and each will require proper funding.

Developers have revealed more of their plans for the Branson Aquarium on the site of the Grand Palace in Branson, Missouri.

The website of the project reveals further details planned for the aquarium, if it is approved. It will offer up-close views of  fish, seahorses, jellyfish, octopi, eels, and sharks. There will be chances to touch rays and sharks, as well as a photo opportunity wearing a high-tech diving suit, or inside a fish bowl. Guests wil also be able to slide through a real tank.

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If voted for, Kuvera Partners, who bought the theater about four years ago, will be responsible for the construction of the aquarium.


If the proposed aquarium gets an approval from the board, the construction of the project will be set to start in the year 2020.