Georgia Aquarium Profit Soars, Tacoma Makes Waves, and Kansa City Plans to Built an Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium Profit Soars, Tacoma Makes Waves, and Kansa City Plans to Built an Aquarium

The aquarium industry is taking a completely new turn this week, with so many interesting stories to share with the whole world. From Georgia to Tacoma to Kansa City, here is what you need to know about the developing news on professional aquascaping this week.

Back in 2009, as shown on saporta report, Georgia Aquarium received financial support from Atlanta. As of September 10, 2018, report shows how the aquarium soared in revenue.

Georgia Aquarium’s financial support from Atlanta in 2009 led to soaring revenues

After Atlanta provided the Georgia Aquarium with $80 million in financing at favorable terms in 2009 to build a dolphin exhibit, the aquarium’s revenues soared by 23 percent, compared to the year before the exhibit opened. The return on the city’s latest financial support for the aquarium – up to $7.5 million – remains to be determined.

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It is expected that the aquarium will continue to grow and generate revenue. And the more it expands the more likely the revenue will shoot.

Tacoma Aquarium already opened to the public. And according to Alan Berner on Seattle Times, the aquarium is making new waves.

New Tacoma aquarium makes waves

The new Pacific Seas Aquarium at Tacoma’s Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is packed with plenty of wow, as could be seen on opening day. The Pacific Seas Aquarium at Tacoma’s Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium opened to the public on Friday.

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Apparently, this artificial marine construction is open to the public, which means if you haven’t been here and you are a fan of sea life, you should see this.

As Matt Campbell reports on the Kansas City, the council members are working towards raising $75 million to build an aquarium at the zoo.

Kansas City council members want to help build a $75 million aquarium at the zoo

“We’re looking at two ocean biomes, warmer water and colder water,” zoo director Randy Wisthoff said Tuesday. “We’ve got a number of species we’d like to bring in, a range of animals from sharks all the way to sea horses and jelly fish. We would take a look at sea otters and some things you don’t find in a lot of aquariums.”

Wisthoff said the zoo has identified a little more than $20 million in potential private funding.

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Should the project run smoothly, this aquarium will open its doors to the public for viewing comes the year 2021.


More operators are planning new aquascaping projects this week, with the goal of creating an attractive and safe environment for the marine life. If you would like to learn more about aquascaping design, do not hesitate to check out our home page.


New Aquarium Opens, Tennessee Aquarium Ranked High, and Worst Aquarium in USA Closes

New Aquarium Opens, Tennessee Aquarium Ranked High, and Worst Aquarium in USA Closes

Sea creatures in artificially replicated marine life have become a global attraction, with Aquascaping becoming a unique art of our time. And with the dynamism in the sect highly expected, there are interesting trends that you are better of knowing.

Stacia Glenn from The News Tribute reports that a new aquarium will be opening in Tacoma to create an impressive replication of the marine life.

The stars are ready for their close-ups as Tacoma’s new aquarium opens

The sea creatures have learned to get along, the water is a balmy 77 degrees and all that’s missing from the new Pacific Seas Aquarium are the visitors.

That will change Friday (Sept. 7) when Tacoma’s Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium opens the doors to its new $51.6 million project. It’s been four years of planning and building to bring to life the 35,000-square-foot aquarium, the largest capital project in the zoo’s 113-year history.

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The $51.6 million project took a long time to plan and work on. And come this Friday, the aquarium will open to visitors who love to see examples of the best marine life.

Another interesting thing in the sect this week, as reported by WTVC on News Channel 9 is the Tennessee aquarium being name one of the top ten in the world.

Tennessee Aquarium named one of TripAdvisor’s Top 10 aquariums in the world

Chattanooga’s own Tennessee Aquarium is soaking up some praise as TripAdvisor named it among its 2018 Travelers’ Choice list of Top 10 Aquariums in the world. At number seven on the list, our hometown aquarium beat out locations in Hawaii, Vancouver, and Japan. The Tennessee Aquarium is one of only four US aquariums on the list. Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium made it to number three.

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This aquarium has become so popular, beating the likes of Hawaii, and is likely to become an attraction after Trip Advisor named it a top ten.

The worst that could happen is getting an aquarium close. But as Andrew Sheeler reports on, Morrow Bay aquarium is likely to close soon.

Morro Bay aquarium called ‘America’s worst’ will soon close — but is it really the end?

The city of Morro Bay could soon be without an aquarium for the first time in nearly 60 years. But as the Morro Bay Aquarium, run by the Tyler family since 1960, prepares to close its doors at 595 Embarcadero in September, a three-way partnership is looking at the possibility of opening a new, state-of-the-art marine science center in its stead.

That partnership — between Central Coast Aquarium, Cal Poly and the city of Morro Bay — is exploring the feasibility of just such a project.

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This aquarium has been coined the worst in America. And now the question that remains is whether this is the end of the road for it.


At least, we expect that the aquariums that have opened up and listed in the top ten of the world’s most popular to become an epitome of attraction in the artificial marine line. If you have never taken an interest akin to visiting a marine life, this is probably the best time.

This Week in Aquarium: 3 Happenings You Missed on the News

This Week in Aquarium: 3 Happenings You Missed on the News

There is a lot happening on aquarium patterns lately, with some of the incidents reported just a few days ago. And honestly, if you missed it on the news, chances are you may never have had the opportunity to know. So as a rewind, let’s see what happened this week: the 3 happenings you missed on the news.

This week, unwanted about 600 unwanted goldfish have found refuge in an aquarium in Paris, France, reports Andrea Romano on their website Travel Leisure.

600 Unwanted Pet Goldfish Have Found a New Home at the Paris Aquarium

Goldfish in Paris are getting a second chance to just keep swimming, even after their owners kick them out of their tiny fish bowl homes. According to Reuters, the Paris Aquarium has been taking in the unwanted goldfish who can no longer live with their humans, no matter the reason. More than 600 goldfish have found sanctuary at the aquarium over the last two years, where they are well taken care of and enjoy much more space to swim around.

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Besides having a home where they can keep swimming, the 600 goldfish receive proper treatment for effective sustainability.

Somewhere in Tokyo, Japan, as reported by Mayuko Ono on Reuter, a lonely dolphin has raised the guts and concern of the public.

Honey the lonely dolphin, abandoned in Japanese aquarium, sparks public outcry

The female bottlenose dolphin, nicknamed Honey, was captured in 2005 near Taiji, a western port town that has become notorious for its annual dolphin hunt that was featured in the Oscar-winning 2009 documentary “The Cove”, media reports say.

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According to the report, the dolphin has been abandoned for almost8 months (start of the year), and the public are calling for the respective party to save the animal.

According to News Channel 9, there is highly likely to be climate change that may affect salamanders.

New aquarium study predicts climate shifts may upset key salamander community

There is a new aquarium study that predicts climate shifts that could potentially upset salamander communities. Thanks to its warm, humid climate and geological stability, the rippled hills of Southern Appalachia have long been a haven for salamanders.

Tennessee Aquarium Conservative Institute says eighty percent of North America’s salamander species live within a 500-mile radius of Chattanooga. East Tennessee and Western North Carolina alone are home to more species than can be found in most countries.

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Not so many people keep salamanders in their fish tank, really. But if you do, you might want to check this story out.


So, what’s with the happening? Simple: they go a long way to show every last one of us the beauty of Aquascaping as an art to take seriously. Because – after all – that’s what fish family and aquarium is all about.


Where to Place and Where not to Place an Aquarium Tank

Where to Place and Where not to Place an Aquarium Tank

One of the best things I love about aquarium design is that there is no limit to how creative you can get with your fish tank. But when it comes to where you can put your aquarium tank, there seems to be some limits. So in today’s post, we will share on where to put your aquarium as well as where you should not put them.

According to Home DIT, a Moody Aquarium Sink is one of the greatest design ideas that you should be thinking of. It makes your kitchen sink look better than any other part of the same room.

Moody Aquarium Sink

Another interesting design is this sink. It’s a combination of a regular sink and an aquarium. It’s called the Moody Aquarium Sink and it’s a wash basin that doubles as a lighted fish aquarium. It’s a very interesting idea but besides the beautiful design meant to be pleasant to the eyes, the fish could probably find several things that are wrong with this piece.

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The good thing about this design is beauty. It looks colorful, to be frank. And that’s exactly what you should be aiming for at the end of the day.

One of the mistakes many aquarium owners make is keeping their fish tank near the door. Pets Keeps Guide advises against doing this.

Do not locate an aquarium near a door

Fish can be scared and shocked every time the door is opened and closed. You might not feel much of a shock when you close a door, but it is too much for the fish. The shock traveling through solid matter is much stronger than it is through the air. It goes through the wall, the floor, the aquarium stand, the fish tank, the water, and all the way to the fish. They can feel it, which is too strong for them if the door is nearby. The shock of a door closing can be a significant stress factor for your fish. Therefore, keep the tank away from the door if you want to keep your fish healthy and long-lived.

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It is important to keep your fish healthy. So consider placing the tank somewhere in your living room. Doing this will not only keep the fish safe but also protect them from getting scared.

According to Open Space Feng Shui, keeping your tank in a sunny window is a very bad idea. Consider getting the tank far away from them sun rays.

Don’t place your aquarium in a sunny window!

The powerful rays of the sun heat up the water to temperatures that are too warm for your fish to be comfortable. The sun’s warmth also creates conditions in which aquarium water quickly grows cloudy and green – not good for your fish, and a lot of work for you!

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The goal here is to create a comfortable living environment for the fish in the tank.


The goal of this guide is to enable you think of more ideas to implement to make your aquarium look awesome to the viewer. Of course, there are no limits. However, make sure your design and placement are as realistic as possible.

How to Setup Your Fish Tank

How to Setup Your Fish Tank

The moment you develop an interest in aquascaping is usually the day you have a lot to learn about fish tank patterns. And as a beginner to aquascaping, you need to understand almost everything about this art to get things right. So, let’s first start by understanding how you can set up a fish tank.

According to Marine Land, you need to start with safety in mind. You will be dealing with fish after all, so the safety of the artificial marine life matters a lot.

Fish As Pets

Think of your fish as pets and you’ll agree, they deserve the best care and attention you can provide. They rely on you to keep their environment healthy. A healthy aquarium is relatively easy to achieve and maintain, but it will not happen by itself. It depends on you. In rivers, lakes and oceans, water is cleansed and filtered naturally. In an aquarium, it’s a different story. In order to keep aquarium water clean and healthy, you must help.

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If you cannot provide the care and attention that fish deserves, then you are probably not ready for this yet. But if you have the time, then go ahead to the next step.

Aquarium Info advices that you need to have an equipment checklist that will help you get the right essentials for the setup process.

Setting Up Your New Aquarium

So you have all the gear but no idea? Before you start anything It is important that you carefully choose where you want to place the tank, make sure it is even ground and will support the tank’s filled weight. Slanted floors can result in undue stress and crack the aquarium glass.

Hard, flat surfaces are ideal. Cabinets are popular and are a requirement for larger, heavy aquariums. For smaller aquariums (30 gallons or less) any sturdy, reinforced furniture with a flat surface can suffice.

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Of course, aquascaping comes at a cost. And you do not want to spend your money wrongly. So take your time to plan on resource wisely.

According to Tetra Fish, you also want to put temperature into consideration. And you usually do this after setting up your tank.

Check the conditions and temperature after a few hours

Water in new aquariums will often turn cloudy for a day or two. This is caused by a harmless bacterial growth and should disappear naturally. Check the pH and hardness of your water using a Tetra® Test Kit and our convenient My Aquarium App.

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At the end of the day, you do want your tank to have the right temperature. This will help to sustain the life of plants and animals in the tank.


This guide isn’t too complicated. And because it is practical (actionable), you should master the practical aspect of what we’ve discussed in a very short time. If you need more guides on the same, be sure to check out hour homepage for more insights.