Florida Aquarium Opens a Rehabilitation Center for Sea Turtles

Florida Aquarium Opens a Rehabilitation Center for Sea Turtles

Turtles are among the most beautiful creatures in a marine setup. But they are also the most endangered species according to Florida Aquarium. Having invested $4 Million to build and officially launch the Apollo Center, the goal of the Aquarium is to rehabilitate and protect these turtles today and in the years to come.

According to Paul Guzo, author at Tampa Bay, the project cost the Florida Aquarium about $4 Million USD to complete.

Florida Aquarium opens $4.1 million turtle rehab center at growing Apollo Beach campus

On Wednesday, the aquarium took a step toward making them happen when it unveiled a new two-story, 19,000-square-foot Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center.

The $4.1 million open-air center features a surgery center and five pools from 1,500 gallons to 25,000 gallons in size. The largest pool reaches a depth of 11 feet, big enough to monitor whether a recovering turtle can dive for food before it is released into the wild.

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According to the report, the aquarium is also planning to build 6 greenhouses and each is expected to cost around $250,000.

According to a report published by Steve Newborn on WUSF News, Florida Aquarium has rescued and rehabilitated about 150 turtles since its founding in 1995.

Florida Aquarium Sea Turtle Rehab Center Opens In Apollo Beach

The Florida Aquarium cut the ribbon Wednesday on a sea turtle rehabilitation center in Apollo Beach. It will  expand efforts to save endangered turtles – and increase public awareness of them.

The aquarium has rescued about 150 turtles since it opened in downtown Tampa in 1995. This will also allow the public to see how the threatened and endangered turtles are treated, said Aquarium CEO Roger Germann.

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The new project will see to it that the aquarium rescues even more turtles in 2019 and the years and generations to come.

Report by Lloyd Sowers from Fox 13 News indicates that Apollo Beach is big enough to accommodate a large number of turtles.

Apollo Beach facility to provide advanced care for sea turtles

“We’ve seen red tide effect sea turtles, frostbite. We’re getting calls from as far north as New England to bring sea turtles down here,” says Roger Germann, president and CEO of the Florida Aquarium.Germann says the center can treat as many as 100 small to medium-sized turtles at a time. The goal is to treat them and then release them back into the wild.The center’s 11-foot deep dive tank is the largest of its kind in the state.

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The primary goal for making the tank big in the aquarium is to enable the staff in the Florida Aquarium to know how far the rehabilitated turtle will be able to dive for food, especially in the wild.


Overall, the rehabilitation program will see to it that all the turtles in Florida have a safe haven. The aquarium hopes that one day they will be able to do a lot more in the future. And the big goal is to restore the blue planet.

Maritime Educators, Virginia Admission, and Florida Aquarium New Executive

Maritime Educators, Virginia Admission, and Florida Aquarium New Executive

Even if you are just getting started with setting up a simple aquarium, you already know that artificial marine life is an art that people take seriously these days. The likes of Maritime, Virginia, and Florida aquarium are still investing to make their Aquariums suitable for visitors as well as students.

According to a post published on NC Advertiser by the Darien Times, Maritime Aquarium open its door to educators in the region.

Maritime Aquarium hosts free open house for educators

“‘Fish School’ demonstrates all the ways the Aquarium can be an extension of the classroom,” said Tom Naiman, the Aquarium’s director of education. “From our animal exhibits to our IMAX Theater to our catalog of unique programs — for preschoolers all the way up to college level – the Aquarium and our education programs are intended to support educators, while of course teaching and inspiring their students.”

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The objective of the show is to give students and teachers the opportunity to connect with the educational materials at the aquarium to help fulfill state.

You now have the opportunity to get an admission at Virginia Aquarium, as shown in a report published on WTKR by the Web Staff.

Virginia Aquarium offering half off admission in October

If you haven’t been to the Virginia Aquarium lately, October’s the perfect time to go! Throughout the entire month, Hampton Roads residents will receive 50 percent off Aquarium admission.

To receive the discount, all you need to do is show proof of residency, such as a valid Hampton Roads license or photo ID with matching current utility bill for a Hampton Roads residence. Anyone who lives in the following areas, including member localities of the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, is eligible for the discount:

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According to the report, those who want to get an admission from the aquarium can get up to 50% discounts.

In other news, as reported by Veronica Brezina Smith on the Biz Journal, Florida Aquarium has a new member of staff.

Florida Aquarium adds another new exec to its team

The aquarium has brought on board Tim Binder, who will serve as vice president of animal care and health. His priorities will focus on animal care, develop new exhibits and expand existing ones and facilitate partnerships with organizations, according to the news release.

Binder has 20 years of experience in working at the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and the Georgia Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the United States.

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According to the report, the new vice president, Tim Binder, will be in charge of animal care and their overall health.


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