The Uniqueness of an Aquarium with Artificial Plants

The Uniqueness of an Aquarium with Artificial Plants

Aquascaping is all about creativity. Sometimes it is a mix of imaginations and ideas. Sometimes it is a combination of the three. The ultimate goal is to create an aquarium that truly stands out. Have you ever looked at the sample projects of the Father of Aquascaping, Takashi Amano, and wondered how he did it? It was a combination of hard work, ideas, imagination, and creativity.

One of the most popular aquarium projects that you may want to set up is an aquarium with artificial plants. This might take quite some time to set up. And, it can be either simple or complex depending on your skills.

Practical Fish Keeping describes an aquarium with artificial plants as a project that really stands out. If you think of it, it is something you do not just want to check out. It is a whole new concept that you might want to try.

Plastic Plants in Aquascaping: Do They Really Have any Benefit?

Plastic plants may be rubbished by some purists and, if I’m going down the biotope route, I will of course try to use natural products wherever possible. However, artificial plants definitely have their place, not just with beginners but more seasoned aquarists too.They aren’t fussy about water either, so can be used to great effect with no detriment to water conditions. They’re easy to clean too, meaning a simple wipe with an algae pad, brush or spray with the shower head will remove any algae and detritus, and make them look as good as new again.

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Let’s summarize the point this way:  an artificial aquarium is something every onlooker will fall in love with right on the first sight. It attracts a kind of an obsession that’s not so quite common for ordinary aquariums.

Besides attracting attention, artificial plant aquariums are both flexible and easy to maintain. Foster Smith agrees natural aquariums are detailed and real. But they are quite complex to maintain. Artificial plant aquariums are the exact opposite.

The Flexibility of Aquariums with Artificial Plants

Artificial plants are now available in fresh and saltwater species, plastic or “silk-like” construction, and a range of colors and sizes for foreground, mid-ground, and background planting. The use of artificial plants is now limited only by your preferences and your imagination.Artificial plants arrive essentially ready to use. You need only place them in your desired location. Simply rinse them prior to installing them in your aquarium. If you wish, you can also soak plants in warm water (to relax the fabric and give them an even more realistic look) for 15-30 minutes prior to placement.

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A flexible aquarium is, of course, easy to manage. The fact that your creation is limited only to your imagination, creativity, and preferences means that you can use artificial plants in so many different ways.

Let’s be honest. Setting up an aquarium with real plants is downright hectic. That’s because it is both expensive and time-consuming. Maybe you are not interested in an aquarium with artificial plant because you think they don’t look life-like, but Home Aquaria states that they really look great.

Planted Aquarium Cost Less and Looks Life-Like

Silk versions of live plants are almost indistinguishable from the live plants themselves- sometimes they look better- and cost less because additional equipment is required to run a tank with live plants. Most planted aquariums require fertilizers, carbon dioxide and strong flourescent lighting, (which additionally is unpleasant for residential or office lighting and can even trigger migraines in guests or clients.)

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The one thing about natural plants is they require strong lighting, artificial fertilizers, as well as carbon dioxide. These aren’t just toxic to plants; they are also not as friendly to the environment as natural fertilizers are.

Final Thoughts

The most important takeaway is this: there is no right or wrong way to set up your aquarium. In fact, the kind of an aquarium that you can design is only limited to your thoughts and imagination. Right now, try and experiment with the concept of aquarium with artificial plants.