Armenian Startup Bluenero Raising Funds for a Smart Aquarium

Armenian Startup Bluenero Raising Funds for a Smart Aquarium

There are many aquariums out there. Some are cheap and easy to create. Some are expensive and require the contribution of knowledgeable people. However, none of the already existing fish tanks features the aspect of smart technology. Bluenero is the first tech company to come up with the concept.

According to a post published by Select Amenia on Medium, the company has successfully designed their first smart fish tank. And it is planning to introduce it to the aquarium world.

Bluenero: Armenian startup presents the world’s first smart aquarium

“We have reimagined the fish tank, giving it a classic, compact design on one hand and making it a smart, modern, all-in-one system on the other. Now people who want to keep fish can take care of them with their smartphone from work or any other place. No more worrying about the cleanliness of water and algae growth in your aquarium,” said Tumanyan.

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The company is currently raising funds to continue with the smart aquarium project.

According to GROONG, the company has designed only one smart aquarium so far. The aquarium is available in the sizes of 36, 26, and 36 gallons.

Manufacturing a mini version in just 8 gallons

Also going by the name Bluenero, the aquarium comes in sizes of 16 gallons, 26 gallons, and 36 gallons, and there’s some talk of manufacturing a mini version in just 8 gallons but that still seems up in the air. The company was founded after CEO Tumanyan bought a clownfish — that’s the adorable orange fish you see in Finding Nemo — for his office and had the toughest time managing limited space, water purity issues, and feeding times.

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The tech company also plans to build an 8-gallon smart aquarium. But we do not know when they plan to do this.

According to Clayton Moore from Digital Trend, the smart aquarium is designed to make feeding fish easy and fun.

Armenian startup Bluenero is fishing for funds for a smart aquarium

That’s the concept and coming product from a small company called Bluenero, operating largely out of the Republic of Armenia. The company has launched an Indiegogo campaign that’s already raised over $35,000 on a $25,000 goal and Founder and CEO Vahe Tumanyan tells me they’re now aiming to raise one million dollars for their new smart aquarium.

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It is designed for salt and fresh water. And it has a built-in auto feeder that feeds fish on your behalf.


If the company succeeds to raise the funds for the project, the people in the Republic of Armenia will be able to add smart aquarium to their homes, school, recreational facilities, or place of work.