Top 5 Freshwater Aquarium Filters

Top 5 Freshwater Aquarium Filters

If you love having an aquarium in your home, one of your biggest concerns is keeping the quality of its water in excellent condition. The water must be purified and cleaned of all the toxins, chemicals and contaminants that can kill the fish and the flora, and make the water appear cloudy. An efficient filter must be used in order to achieve this. With so many models of water filters out in the market, it may be confusing to choose which one is the best.

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Top 5 Freshwater Aquarium Filters

Below is a list of the top 5 aquarium filters on the internet that can help make your choice.

Penn Plax Cascade 600 Submersible Aquarium Filter Cleans Up to 50 Gallon Fish Tank With Physical, Chemical, and Biological Filtration

The Penn Plax Cascade 600 Submersible Aquarium Filter delivers 175 gallons every hour of pure crystal clear water for 20 to 50 gallon sized fresh or marine aquariums. This fully submersible filter has a quiet motor. It contains activated carbon cartridge that removes harmful chemicals, smells, toxins, discoloration and contaminants from the fish tank.

It also has an internal sponge that maximizes the colonization of good aerobic bacteria. The large capacity aquarium filter cup will allow you to choose your filter medium. The pump head has a directional and adjustable water flow. The internal filters cascade to provide better filtration while also aerating the water.

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13w Uv Sterilizer Adjustable Pump Filter 150 Gal Aquarium Fish Tank

This Adjustable Pump Filter is truly amazing because it allows effective and simple UV control of floating algae and harmful microorganisms in the water. These versatile and compact units are easy to install without adding additional tubing or a circulation pump. The built-in pump directs the waterborne microorganisms into the UV-C lamp for cleansing resulting to clear aquarium water.

You can install the filter in a horizontal or vertical position in the aquarium or sump. It is ideal for use also in fresh, garden ponds or saltwater aquariums. Inside the kit is a UV filtration unit with an integrated pump and UV ballast, with a suction cup for mounting brackets and a UV-C lamp.

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Penn Plax Cascade 300 Submersible Aquarium Filter Cleans Up to 10 Gallon Fish Tank With Physical, Chemical, and Biological Filtration

This Penn Plax Cascade 300 Aquarium Filter is designed to produce better aeration and filtration above and below the water surface. This fully submersible filter provides the physical, biological and chemical filtration of aquarium measuring 1.5 to 10 gallons in size. The activated carbon cartridge rids the tank water of harmful chemicals, smells, toxins and other contaminants.

It contains an internal sponge that enhances settlement of helpful anaerobic bacteria. The internal filter cup has a large capacity that lets you choose the filer medium that fits your needs. The filter has a directional and adjustable water flow output, pumping 70 gallons each hour with an option for a spray bar to distribute water evenly for aid aeration.

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Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Aquarium Power Filters

The Aqueon QuietFlow LED Pro Aquarium Filter is equipped with a cartridge change indicator. When the water level rises, the LED flashes when you have a clogged cartridge and its time for you to change it. Pre-loaded in every filter is a dual sided carbon cartridge with a dense floss and a specialty filter pad that is replaceable and ammonia reducing.

This helps in removing the toxic and harmful ammonia from the water. The patented design of the filter is its self-priming and quiet motor that runs with a flow rate of 400 gallons per hour. Ideal for use in aquariums with fresh or saltwater containing a maximum of 20 gallons.

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Odyssea Clean 100 Surface Skimmer Aquarium Filter 450L Plant Internal

The Odyssea Clean 100 Aquarium Filter is a durable and long lasting filter is very useful in improving the quality of water, oxygen exchange and light penetration in your water tank. It works best in filtering fresh and salt water fish tanks. It skims the dissolved proteins to curb the build-up of nutrients and film on the aquarium walls.

It has an attractive and revolutionary filter design. It works with an energy efficiency of a 5W pump. It also skims the surface build-up to improve the water quality. It is great to use for freshwater planted aquariums. The pump produces a flow rate of 110 Gallons per hour.

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Basically, aside from the revolutionary aesthetic design of the filter, you should also consider the power or wattage used by the pump, and how much filtered water it produces in terms of gallons per hour. These details are important especially when you are looking for the appropriate type of filter that will fit the requirements of your fish tank.

A bigger tank will need a filter with more power and output to deliver the cleanest water you will need. The filter must also be versatile so you can submerge it in the water and place it either at the top or bottom of the tank depending on your preference.