Tennessee Aquarium project has grown to become one of the most popular one-stop destinations for many people. There are hundreds of thousands of people visiting every year. This means there is no denying that that it has grown to become one of the biggest communities for education as well as entertainment.

According to a post published by Anna Huffstutler on WRCB TV, Tennessee Aquarium started back in 1992.

Tennessee Aquarium marks major milestone, welcomes 25 millionth guest

To mark the milestone, the Tennessee Aquarium gave the family a reward package that included complimentary tickets to the aquarium and IMAX 3D Theatre, $250 toward purchases made in the aquarium gift shops, a behind-the-scenes tour, a VIP pass to more than 20 Chattanooga-area attractions and a voucher to come back to Chattanooga in the future and stay in the new Edwin hote

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From the founding date until today, the aquarium has been a one-stop destination to hundreds of thousands of visitors.

A report published by News Channel 9 shows that the aquarium finally welcomed its 25-million guest to the aquarium.

A visit to remember: TN Aquarium welcomes 25-millionth guest, reflects on impact

Amanda, Michael, Michael, Jacob, and Taylor Roe from Bristol, Tenn. came to Chattanooga to visit the Tennessee Aquarium for the very first time. Amanda was surprised to learn she was the Aquarium’s 25-millionth guest. “We wanted to come down to Chattanooga to spend the weekend with our family,” said Amanda Roe. “We had never been here before, so we were so surprised to win.”

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Of course, the number of visitors so far passed the 25-million mark, but this is such a great milestone since opening in 1992.

According to Thom Benson from Chattanoogan, the 25-million guest to the aquarium received an award valued at $1,000.

Tennessee Aquarium Welcomes 25-Millionth Guest, Reflects On Impact

In recognition of their important place in the 26-year history of the Aquarium, the lucky group was surprised in the River Journey building with a collection of prizes valued at more than $1,000 and guaranteed to inspire a return visit. The reward package included complimentary tickets to the Aquarium and IMAX 3D Theater, $250 toward purchases in the Aquarium gift shops, a special behind-the-scenes tour, a VIP pass to more than 20 Chattanooga-area attractions and a voucher to return to Chattanooga to stay in the new Edwin boutique hotel.

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The management argued that the gifting would inspire more visits to the aquarium in the coming years.


If you have not been to Tennessee Aquarium before, and you feel like you need a recommendation of one of the best places to visit for education and leisure, then you should consider this one.