If you are just getting started with Aquascaping, it’s best if you familiarize yourself with some of the best aquarium designs on the planet. While there are plenty of design and style ideas for aquariums out there, only few of them are worth looking at. In this article, we are going to look at three of the most popular aquascaping designs and style ideas that you can emulate right now.

The first design worth looking at is the Iwagumi style. It may be as old as the Neanderthal man, but it does really stand out. As The Green Machine Online puts it, the design is a commonplace in the Aquascaping world.

The Iwagumi Style: A Design worth Trying

The term Iwagumi was originally used to refer to a Japanese gardening style in which stones were used as the ‘bones’ of the garden, to provide its structure: if the stones are well placed in the garden then the rest of the garden lays itself out. Japanese gardens used stones, shrubs and sand to represent landscapes in miniature, so they could show a mountain scape by using carefully placed stones or represent the ocean or a lake with a pool of raked or unraked sand.

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The Iwagumi style is easy to set up. The guide provided by The Green Machine Online should give you a clear picture on the style as well as why you would want to set the system up.

Iwagumi isn’t the only rocking Aquascaping style to try. The Jungle style could be one of your favorite. Aquascaping Love puts it under the basics category. That means it is so simple that even beginners can try it out. 

The Easiest Aquascaping Design: The Jungle Style

Possibly the easiest aquascaping type to replicate, the Jungle style aquarium represents a real challenge to the inexperienced aquarist. A fun challenge, nonetheless. Usually separated from the Dutch and Nature style, the Jungle aquascape incorporates some of the characteristics of them both, however it displays a very different appearance from all other styles.

The Jungle style aquarium has little or no visible hardscape materials as well as limited open space. Most of the times it is populated by tall, large-leaved plants and a great variety of fish. No, the Jungle style does not follow the comfortable, clean lines and fine texture of nature aquariums.

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To a beginner’s eye, the layout of Jungle design may seem a little bit chaotic. But that’s only at first. Sooner or later, you should come up with ideas to achieve a pleasing layout in your aquariums.

Probably the oldest Aquascaping style worth trying is the Dutch style. While it doesn’t come even close to being as popular as Iwagumi, it is still a beautiful design that’s worth trying. An article by The Aquarium Guide explains that this style lets you create an environment that maintains a high density of plant life.

The Beauty of the Infamous Dutch Style

An aquascaper hoping to design a Dutch style aquascape must be able to see and nurture the growth of plants so the end result is in line with his or her intentions, which requires a solid understanding of how to cultivate aquatic plants.

Apart from the cultivation of the plants, there are numerous other key aspects to consider such as the health of your aquascape, the selection of the plants, and the overall layout.

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Before you try this style, it is important to know and understand its primary focus. Unlike other styles that we’ve talked about, Dutch style focuses on an exceptional arrangement and growth of aquatic plants.

Final Thoughts

We haven’t looked at all styles. But you can always look up at The Aquarium Guide to find additional interesting styles to try out.