I can’t tell you enough how fun Aquascaping design is. Historically, this art has been around for a very long time, from the days of Takashi Amano to the likes of you in the present day. When you are a beginner, though, the whole point of the art can be quite overwhelming. To help you get started, here are three design ideas to familiarize yourself with right now.

First, it is important to understand that Aquascaping is a simple-complex engagement. According to meowlogy.com starting simple is always the best way to go when you are beginner.

Simple Aquarium Design Suits Beginners

There’s no correct or wrong. Among the easiest methods to fertilize an aquarium is by utilizing small tablets that you push in the substrate near the plants root base. Well, it is just not accurate. However, what must be accomplished, must be carried out. You’ll discover out it isn’t as difficult as you may think to make something truly inspiring. These options are available in various colors to pick from and that’s why you do not have to be worried about the plan of the house as the consideration now. You’ve got many options here.

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Frankly speaking, the best aquariums are often the most simple. Advanced ones are, of course, better. But you can only become the next Takashi Amano after getting the basics right.

One of the best designs that you can try is the Biotepe Style. Proposed by The Aquarium Guide, this layout lets you replicate the natural environment and it could help in studying the environment.

Try the Biotope Style

This style seeks to perfectly emulate a natural environment, including water conditions, flora and fauna species, and even the hardscape of stone and/or driftwood. These can be quite beautiful, and are useful for some biologists to study environments that would otherwise be a challenge to study.

Oddly enough, these tanks are usually somewhat easier to setup and maintain, since there isn’t any research needed to determine whether the flora and fauna you’re using are compatible—they exist side-by-side in the wild.

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This style is somewhat advanced, but it is not difficult to implement. So it is definitely a beginner-friendly kind of design.

Another style that I would recommend trying is the drift wood setup. According to Fish Lore this idea will work well for freshwater tanks.

Driftwood Design

Often seen in live plant setups, a nice piece of driftwood can be a great centerpiece of the aquascape in a freshwater tank. Don’t just pick any old piece of wood and place it into your tank. Get some from you local fish store and ask questions about the curing process.

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The driftwood design requires some testing for several weeks. Hence, you should not implement this idea, until you test it and are sure that it is safe for the tank.


Of course, these are not the only ideas to this art. There are more, but these ones should be enough to get you started as a beginner. Once you have mastered these ideas, come back later and check out our homepage for more ideas.