Some people would call an aquascaper a hobbyist whose forte is creating attractive landscapes inside an aquarium. An aquascaper would call himself an artist with a unique kind of medium. His medium? The water tank.

An aquascape is more than just your typical design for an aquarium. The usual elements are there: fish, water, rocks, sand, stone, driftwood and aquatic plants. What sets it apart from the others is how all of these elements are put together to create an awesome scenery or a seascape. If you stretch your imagination enough, it is like seeing the Amazon Rainforest inside the confines of an Aquarium. The design might even look like a scene from a movie like the Hobbit, the lush hillside of Middle Earth. Some seascapes have the underwater plants laid out in a fancy mix of colors and textures. Only a skilled aquascaper can create unique designs.

What Does an Aquascaper Do?


Image Credit: Flickr

There are notable craftsmen and die-hard hobbyists that call themselves aquascapers. These are highly skilled artists with knowledge on horticulture and basic architecture. This famous artwork requires the skill in both worlds. Aside from knowing how to plant the right water flora, they should also be capable of providing for its upkeep and maintenance. A lot of analysis and measurements are made during the actual planning of the layout. There is also a Rule of Thirds that aquascapers need to follow. What could have started as a hobby became so intense for some that these hobbyists decided to professionalize aquascaping. Today there is a growing number of Aquascapers who design elegant aquascapes for interiors of hotels, shopping malls, and elite homes.

Simply put, an aquascaper is the artist that uses nature as their inspiration, using a vast variety of materials in creating a work of underwater art.

Aquascaping is the term they use to make a seascape or an underwater landscaping. The concept of their designs come from natural scenery or an ecosystem that they see on land. The design is executed by utilizing the materials used to decorate an aquarium.

Art and the Aquascaper

The aquascaper uses the aquarium as his medium for his art. Their artwork comes in a variety of sizes. The artist has to plan and plot his design to fit into the aquarium of his choice. It could be a Nano tank measuring 45” x 45” x 14” or the smallest which is a miniature 2.2 cm by 2.2 cm or any dimension in between.

The execution of the underwater landscape doesn’t stop with just knowing the right kind of plants to use and combine. He will need to use unique gardening skills to plant these correctly and follow up with the proper maintenance. The aquascaper must know the proper lighting to use to provide the illumination needed to sustain the beauty of the plants and enhance the layout. He also must be well-informed about the kind of diffusers, CO2 machines, water fertilizers, and other equipment appropriate to use for the layout. The natural materials he uses are strategically positioned to create an artistic impression of their concept. It may take weeks or months to complete depending on the complexity of the design.