One of the best things I love about aquarium design is that there is no limit to how creative you can get with your fish tank. But when it comes to where you can put your aquarium tank, there seems to be some limits. So in today’s post, we will share on where to put your aquarium as well as where you should not put them.

According to Home DIT, a Moody Aquarium Sink is one of the greatest design ideas that you should be thinking of. It makes your kitchen sink look better than any other part of the same room.

Moody Aquarium Sink

Another interesting design is this sink. It’s a combination of a regular sink and an aquarium. It’s called the Moody Aquarium Sink and it’s a wash basin that doubles as a lighted fish aquarium. It’s a very interesting idea but besides the beautiful design meant to be pleasant to the eyes, the fish could probably find several things that are wrong with this piece.

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The good thing about this design is beauty. It looks colorful, to be frank. And that’s exactly what you should be aiming for at the end of the day.

One of the mistakes many aquarium owners make is keeping their fish tank near the door. Pets Keeps Guide advises against doing this.

Do not locate an aquarium near a door

Fish can be scared and shocked every time the door is opened and closed. You might not feel much of a shock when you close a door, but it is too much for the fish. The shock traveling through solid matter is much stronger than it is through the air. It goes through the wall, the floor, the aquarium stand, the fish tank, the water, and all the way to the fish. They can feel it, which is too strong for them if the door is nearby. The shock of a door closing can be a significant stress factor for your fish. Therefore, keep the tank away from the door if you want to keep your fish healthy and long-lived.

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It is important to keep your fish healthy. So consider placing the tank somewhere in your living room. Doing this will not only keep the fish safe but also protect them from getting scared.

According to Open Space Feng Shui, keeping your tank in a sunny window is a very bad idea. Consider getting the tank far away from them sun rays.

Don’t place your aquarium in a sunny window!

The powerful rays of the sun heat up the water to temperatures that are too warm for your fish to be comfortable. The sun’s warmth also creates conditions in which aquarium water quickly grows cloudy and green – not good for your fish, and a lot of work for you!

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The goal here is to create a comfortable living environment for the fish in the tank.


The goal of this guide is to enable you think of more ideas to implement to make your aquarium look awesome to the viewer. Of course, there are no limits. However, make sure your design and placement are as realistic as possible.